I am a terrible blogger

Just so that we’re clear before I start, I am a terrible blogger. I always get the idea of writing a blog and go “yeah that sounds cool!”

So I start sharing links and what not but after a month, life would get in the way (as it should) and then I’ll stop. And then I’ll forget about it.

At the moment I have a blog on tumblr but the amount of random things I share is quite silly and if I want a place to write a coding blog, it would just get lost in there, so I figured having a separate blog “made sense”.

But why now? Well my main reason is that I’m working in a charity-based radio station that broadcasts once a year and that’s brought me into some technical knowledge that i want to share. But as I said life generally gets in the way, so please don’t expect this blog to have a publishing schedule, it won’t and I can’t do that.

With that in mind, shall we begin?

Written on May 26, 2014